About Me

My History

I, Ken B. Gregory, P.Eng., grew up in Powell River, on the coast of Britsh Columbia, with my parents and three brothers. I played soccer and was a scout and a sea cadet. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and graduated in 1978. My employment history:

  • Schlumberger 1978 - 1982
  • Dome Petroleum 1982 - 1988
  • Amoco Canada  1988 - 1995
  • Sceptre Resources 1996
  • GLJ Petroleum Consultants 1996 - 2012

I was married in Calgary in 1988 and I have two sons.

I actively researched my genealogy 1995 - 1997.

I am a lifetime member of APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta)

My Current Interests

I am a member of the Seniors Alpine Ski Club and I became the Treasurer of the club in May 2017. I enjoy skiing, tennis, snorking and scuba diving. My wife and I enjoy traveling. We have recently traveled to Egypt, Jordon, China, Equador, the Galapagos Islands, Peru and Mexico.

I became a member of the Friends of Science Society about 2003. I started writing the Climate Science section of  our quarterly newsletter in June 2008 as a director of the society, and  the Climate Science newsletter in March 2016.  Our reviews of Climate Science show that the earth is much less sensitive to the effects of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions that estimated by the United Nations panel on climate change and that current emissions are likely net beneficial. The benefits of CO2 emission on crop and forest yeilds and the benefits of warming on health, energy use and agriculture exceed the harmful effects of warming.




















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